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We are an OISC-regulated UK immigration law firm that specialises in UK partner visas.

Our goal is to help partners overcome what is inevitably going to be a stressful process by providing assistance, either through our free guides or via paid legal assistance.

Ed Lowe

Head of Practice

Ed has over 25 years experience working in the UK Visas and Immigration sector.

Until September 2017, Ed was in charge of the UK Visa Operation based at the British Consulate in Istanbul, covering the vast region of Turkey, Central Asia, and the South Caucuses.

Before that, he was Operations Manager for the UK Visa Service in Western Europe and North Africa, responsible for over 20 countries.

He has also worked in UK visa offices at the British Embassies in France, Sweden, Ireland, and India.

Ed Lowe Immigration Lawyer Migrate.org.uk

Wendy Foy

Immigration Manager

Wendy worked for the Home Office in various immigration roles for nearly 30 years.

Most recently, she was a Visa Manager in the Croydon Visa Hub reviewing decisions made on applications from around the globe. Before that, she worked as an Entry Clearance Manager in Abu Dhabi and New Delhi and as an Entry Clearance Officer in Ghana, Pakistan and Turkey.

Wendy Foy Immigration Lawyer Migrate.org.uk

Matthew French

Immigration Advisor

Matt began as a visa officer at the British Embassy in Paris, where he worked with Ed, making complex decisions on all types of applications from France and North Africa.

Matt has also worked in the pressurised environments of the British High Commission in Delhi and Pretoria and understands the importance of ensuring a well presented and thorough application is made to the Home Office.

Matthew French Immigration Lawyer Migrate.org.uk

Jason Capper-Tan

Immigration Advisor

Since graduating from his Law degree from the University of Leeds in 2015, Jason has assisted more than 1,000 partners with their UK partner visas. His clients have included Premier League footballers from Manchester United, Liverpool, West Ham & Blackburn Rovers F.C.

In addition to continually developing the DIY Application packs, Jason spends much of his time writing and updating the articles on our website.

Jason Capper-Tan Immigration Lawyer Migrate.org.uk
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