IDV UVKCAS App [What is it, Can I Use It & How Should I Use It?]



What is the IDV UKVCAS app?

The IDV UKVCAS app is a mobile application that will allow some partners to reuse their biometrics (fingerprints and photographs).

The main benefit of this app is that it will save applicants from having to go to their local UK UKVCAS visa centre.

Who can use the IDV UKVCAS app?

First, the IDV UKVCAS app is only available to those applying from inside the UK.

If you are applying for a UK spouse visa from outside the UK, you will not be able to use the app.

Second, only those who have previously submitted their biometrics (fingerprints and photograph) in an application to the Home Office can use the IDV UKVCAS app.

Third, only those who have received an email invitation can use the app.

If you have submitted your application and have not received an email invitation, you will have to book an appointment at a UKVCAS Service Point in the usual way.

Fourth, on 24 September 2020, UKVCAS released a statement stating that the IDV is “only for use by Tier 4 students”.

It also said, however, that those who have already been invited to use the IDV app can continue to submit their application via the app.

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What is the IDV UKVCAS app process?

#1 Accessing the IDV app

UKVCAS will email you a link to download the UKVCAS IDV app.

This can be downloaded in the app store for Apple phones or Google Play for Android phones.

#2 Using the IDV app for the first time

using idv ukvcas app
When you open the app on your phone, you must log into your UKVCAS account.

To log in, you will need the following:

  • Your username (which is the email address u used to register with UKVCAS)
  • Your password which will be the one you created when registering with UKVCAS)
  • Unique application number (UAN) (The 16-digit number at the top of the letter from UKVI).

Once you have logged in, you will need to read and accept the terms of use.

#3 How do I use the IDV app?
how do I use ukvcas idv app

The app will allow you to:

  • Take photos of your documents; and
  • Upload files (such as PDFs).

Some of the documents here will be mandatory.

This means that they must be submitted before you can apply.

Other documents are optional.

These documents will help the Home Office make a decision.

Remember, it is your responsibility to ensure that the correct documents are submitted and that each of the documents complies with document-specific Immigration Rules.

The Sopra Steria video above states that you should “refer to the ACCESS UK checklist” that is automatically generated in the online application form

However, one of the biggest mistakes that partners make is relying solely on this checklist.

You absolutely should not rely solely on this checklist.

This is because the ACCESS UK checklist does not always:

  • State the mandatory documents
  • State the document-specific Immigration Rules
  • State the correct relevant financial period (especially when multiple sources of income are being combined)

Instead, in light of the significance of the visa, you absolutely should spend the time to read the relevant Immigration Rules and Home Office Guidance.

If you would like to save time and have better peace of mind that your application complies with the Immigration Rules, feel free to check out our DIY Application Pack service.

As part of this service, we will provide you with a tailored document checklist and numerous letter templates that will be relevant to your application.

Unlike the ACCESS UK checklist that is automatically generated as part of the online application website, our document checklist:

  • Discusses the relevant requirements as they apply to the circumstances that you’ve told us
  • Identifies the mandatory documents, as well as optional but recommended documents
  • Identifies document-specific Immigration Rules
  • Identifies the commonly made mistakes that partners make

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#4 How do I upload supporting documents?

how upload supporting documents ukvcas idv appFirst, select ‘Documents’ from the menu at the bottom of the screen.

Then, select ‘Mandatory documents’ or ‘Optional documents’.

Select a category and then tap on ‘Add document’.

There are three ways that you can choose to upload documents.

Method #1 – Take photographs of your documents

To do this, you will need to tap ‘Take Photo’ and follow the instructions on the screen.

If the photograph is unclear (e.g. if the camera did not focus properly), then you can tap ‘Retake Photo’.

When you’re finished, tap ‘Done’.

Then, select upload and give the photograph a name.

Once you’ve given the photograph a name, click ‘Upload‘ to confirm.


Method #2 – Upload a photograph from your phone’s gallery

First, tap ‘My Phone’s Gallery’.

Select the photograph that you want to upload.

We’d recommend giving the photograph a clear, descriptive name (such as ‘Applicant’s passport).

You will need to repeat the above process for all the photographs you want to submit.


Method #3 – Upload a PDF document saved in a place other than the phone’s gallery

First, tap ‘External Storage’.

Then, you must select the location where the file is saved.

This can either be on your phone or stored in the cloud (e.g. in your connected Dropbox or Google Drive account).

Once you have identified the file’s location, choose the file you want to upload and then select ‘Upload’.

Again, we would recommend giving your upload a clear, descriptive file name.

#5 ID verification check

id verification check idv ukvcas app First, select ‘ID verification’ from the menu at the bottom of the screen.

ID verification is the Home Office’s process to ensure that it is specifically the applicant using the app.

If the app asks you to verify your identity (which is very likely), you will need to send a photograph of your face and/or a photograph of your travel document.

Step #1 – Provide a photograph

The first step of the ID verification is to provide the applicant’s photograph.

Therefore, select ‘Take a picture of your face’ and then ‘Take Photo’.

Once you are happy with the photograph (i.e. when the photograph is clear and is framed correctly), tap ‘Continue’.


Step #2 – The second step is to do a ‘liveness check’.

The goal of the liveness check is to again make sure that the applicant is using the app and not someone on the applicant’s behalf.

The applicant will need to select ‘Start liveness check’ and follow the instructions from the voice on the IDV app.

This will ask you to turn your head from side to side or up and down.

Once you see a green tick, tap ‘Continue’.

You should now see a green tick appear next to ‘Take a picture of your face’.


Step #3 – The third step is to provide an image of your travel document.

You will need to take a photograph of your travel document.

To do so, select ‘Photograph your travel document’ and choose the type of travel document from the list.

Tap ‘Take photo’.

If the photograph is not clear or framed correctly, you can retake the photograph by tapping ‘Retake photograph’.

Once you have finished, tap ‘Done’ and select ‘Upload’.

Give your file a clear, descriptive name.

Once you have done the above, a green tick should appear next to ‘Photograph your travel documents’.

#6 Submitting your application via the IDV UKVCAS app

submit application idv ukvcas appThe final step is to apply to the IDV UKVCAS app.

This should only be done once have:

  • Finished uploading the documents and photographs; and
  • Completed your ID verification.

If you have done the above two, the submit button should be red.

If the submit button is grey, it is likely that you are missing some mandatory documents, or have not completed the ID verification check.

For group applications, this may mean that someone in the group has not uploaded their mandatory documents or has not completed their ID verification check.

Therefore, you have to ensure that you have uploaded documents into each mandatory category.

Once you are sure that you have thoroughly familiarised yourself with the relevant Immigration Rules and uploaded all of the correct documentation that complies with the document-specific Immigration Rules, press ‘Submit’.

You will then be asked to confirm that you agree with the declaration that appears once you’ve selected ‘Submit’.

Once you have selected ‘Submit’, your application will be sent to the Home Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the IDV app keep us updated about the progress of your application?

No. The app will not provide you with status updates. Rather, you will just have to wait to hear from the Home Office. The next time that they contact you, it will be to tell you the outcome of the application or to request additional documents or information.

Can I opt out of the IDV UKVCAS app?

If you receive an invitation to use the IDV UKVCAS app but would prefer to attend a UKVCAS service point, you can choose to opt out of the app. You will then be asked to book an appointment with an appropriate UKVCAS centre.

Can I use the UKVCAS IDV app before receiving an invitation to use the app?

No. You will have to wait until you have been contacted in order to download the app.

How much does the UKVCAS IDV app cost?

There are no additional charges involved with using the IDV app. It is free to use.

Does the IDV UKVCAS app work on iPhones, as well as Android phones?

Yes. The app is described as being compatible with both IOS and Android devices.

Want help?

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