Sponsorship Undertaking (SU07 Form) Guidance in 2024

This article will answer two questions:

#1 What is a Sponsorship Undertaking form (SU07/12 form)?

#2 Is a Sponsorship undertaking form (SU07/12 form) required for a UK spouse visa in 2024?

What is the SU07 form (sponsorship undertaking form)?

A sponsorship undertaking SU07/12 form “Confirms that you will be responsible for the applicant’s maintenance, accommodation and care, without relying on public funds for at least 5 years, if they are applying to settle throughout their stay in the UK”.

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Is an SU07 form necessary for a UK spouse visa in 2024?

An SU07 form is not necessary for a UK spouse visa in 2024.

Many people complete the SU07 form without knowing whether this is required in the application.

If a sponsor signs the form on behalf of their partner (who is applying for a UK partner visa application), it may be open for the Department for Work and Pensions or the Home Office to take action to recover back certain funds involved with public funds or future asylum claims.

This is because the SU07 form states the following:

I understand that this undertaking shall be made available to the Department for Work and Pensions in the UK, who will take appropriate steps to recover from me the cost of any public funds paid to or in respect of the sponsored person named above. I also understand that the Home Office may take appropriate action to recover from me amounts attributable to any support provided under Section 95 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 (support for asylum seekers) to the sponsored person named above. I further understand that I may be committing a criminal offence and liable to prosecution if, after I have given this undertaking, I do not support the sponsored person named above and income support or income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (under social security legislation) and/or support for asylum seekers (under immigration legislation) is provided to or in respect of the sponsored person named above.

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Where does the confusion about the SU07 come from?

People are unsure because of two things:

#1 The gov.uk page states:

Use ‘Form SU07’ to support the application of a person who is applying to come to the UK to visit or settle.

This form is to confirm that you will be responsible for the applicant’s maintenance, accommodation and care, without relying on public funds.

#2 Unqualified & incorrect advice on forums

Immigration forums can be a good resource for some things but terrible for others.

On the one hand, they can be somewhat helpful to see the current approximate UK spouse visa processing times in 2024

Similarly, forums can be OK for hearing about people’s application submission procedure for certain visa centres, as this is something that is continually developing & changing.

On the other hand, when it comes to the actual immigration law (such as whether an SU07 form is required for a spouse visa or the required supporting documents), applicants would be well advised to look for reputable sources (such as law firms regulated by the OISC).


In short, if you are completing a UK spouse or partner visa application, unless you have been told otherwise, do not complete an SU07 form.

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