7 HIDDEN FLR(M) & Spouse Visa Extension Fees & Costs in 2024

The FLR(M) & spouse visa extension fee (cost) in 2024 is £1,048. This is the amount that you will have to pay the Home Office to process your application. 

This is not the only fee that you will have to pay, however.

The below table provides a summary of some mandatory and optional costs which may apply to you. We will elaborate more on these costs below.

Spouse visa extension fee in 2024 £1,048
Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) £2,587.50
Copy of the title deeds £3
Super-priority service £1,000
Lawyer fees £435-£3,000+
English language test £0-£150+
Translations £0-300+
Document scanning service £56
Document checking service £49
Proof of attendance service £2
Meet and greet plus service £289
Bespoke VIP service Price available upon request
SMS service £2

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“Who is the FLR(M) application for?”

As we discuss in our free, in-depth FLR M visa 2024 guidance article, the FLR(M) visa application is for a non-British national who:

  • Does not have Indefinite Leave to Remain or Permanent residence;
  • Is inside the UK when the online application is submitted;
  • Wants to remain in the UK;
  • Has a visa (or leave) which was issued for longer than 6 months (unless they are in the UK on a UK fiance visa or proposed civil partnership visa);
  • Is not in the UK as a visitor; and
  • Is not yet eligible to make an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) application.

The FLR(M) applicant (the person who is applying for the FLR(M) visa) must be in a relationship with:

  • A British citizen; or
  • A person with Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR); or
  • A person with settled status/permanent residency under EU law;
  • A person with pre-settled or settled status under the EU settlement scheme;
  • A person with humanitarian protection in the UK;
  • A person who has refugee status in the UK; or
  • A person who is in the UK with limited leave as a worker or business person under Appendix ECAA Extension of Stay.

The FLR(M) applicant’s relationship with their UK partner must fall within the definition of a partner in the Immigration Rules. This includes:

  • A married partner (including those who recently married in the UK on a Fiance Visa UK)
  • A civil partner (including those who recently married in the UK on a UK proposed civil partnership visa)
  • An ‘unmarried’ partner who has lived with the person for at least two years before the application is submitted in a relationship similar to marriage.

Note: FLR(M) applications are also used in a tiny minority of instances where the applicant has been issued a UK fiancé(e) or proposed civil partnership visa but has not been able to get married or enter into a civil partnership during the 6-month visa. Such applicants can apply for a 6-month extension using the FLR(M) application form.

If you want more information about preparing and submitting the FLR(M) visa application, you may be interested in our detailed step-by-step guide here.

Frequently asked questions about the FLR(M) fee

When is the FLR(M) fee paid? 

The £1,048 FLR(M) fee is paid as part of the online application form process.

The date that this Home Office fee is paid is important because it is this date that the requirements must be met. It is known as the “date of application” in the Immigration Rules.

Is the FLR(M) fee set to increase? 

It is expected that a 20% increase will be implemented at some point in the near future – a date regarding this has yet to be announced.

Will the FLR(M) fee be refunded if an application is refused?

No. The FLR(M) fee will not be refunded if an application is refused.

Can someone other than the applicant or sponsor pay the FLR(M) fee?

Yes. The payment page (which accepts debit and credit card payments) which is part of the online application form will permit someone other than the applicant or sponsor to pay the FLR(M) fee.


We will now discuss the other mandatory and optional costs.

uk spouse visa full legal representation
immigration health surcharge


Immigration Health Surcharge Fee 

How much is the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS)? 

The Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) is currently £2,587.50 for an adult FLR(M) applicant.

Please note that this is a mandatory fee – even if the applicant and sponsor have both paid a significant amount of UK tax.

When did the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) last increase?

The Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) increased on 6 February 2024.

When is the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) paid?

The Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) is paid as part of the online application – before payment of the FLR(M) Home Office fee.

Will the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) be refunded if the application is refused?

Yes. The Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) will be refunded if the FLR(M) application is refused.


Total cost: £2,587.50

accommodation fees visaHIDDEN COST #2

Accommodation Documents

If you have already read our free & detailed spouse visa extension guide, you will know that to apply for the FLR(M) visa, you will need to prove that the accommodation is ‘adequate’.

If you will be relying on rented UK accommodation

The additional cost will be zero if you will be renting accommodation.

This is because landlords and estate agents are normally happy to write letters for you, for free.

If you will be relying on UK accommodation that is owned by you, your partner or you and your partner jointly

In this case, it may be the case that you will have to incur extra costs, although such costs are usually nominal.

In particular, to evidence that the accommodation is indeed owned by you and/or your partner, then you may have to obtain a copy of the title register/deeds.

Fortunately, however, this costs as little as £3 and can be obtained here.

A larger cost will be incurred if you choose to pay a chartered surveyor for a housing report.

Chartered surveyors tend to charge more than £90 for them to provide you with a Housing Report. This figure, like most things, will be higher if you are (or will be) based in London.

With the above being said, as we discuss in our article, “Is a Housing Report or Property Inspection report required for a UK spouse visa or partner visa in 2024?” housing reports are not generally required (contrary to some chartered surveyor websites).

If you are relying on UK accommodation that is either rented or owned by a family or friend

The additional costs involved with obtaining required accommodation documents depend on the agreement between you and the family/friend and whether the accommodation is rented by them or owned.

Total cost: £0-£90+

home office translation


Document Translations

The Immigration Rules state that certain documents that are not in either English or Welsh will need to be translated.

We discuss our approach to identifying what documents should be translated in part 3 of our free video series,

“How much will I need to pay to get the documents translated?”

The cost will vary depending on the particular document that needs translation, its language and the length of the document.

The following is a list of documents that will typically need to be translated (where applicable):

  • The applicant and sponsor’s marriage certificate (if the applicant is applying as a married partner);
  • The applicant and sponsor’s civil partnership certificate (if the applicant is applying as a civil partner);
  • Mandatory financial documentation;
  • A degree certificate (if the applicant is relying on that to satisfy the English language requirement); and
  • Divorce certificates (or equivalents) showing that any legally recognised relationships of the applicant and/or sponsor have broken down permanently.

In the UK, the average cost to translate a one-page document stands at around £60 whilst a two-page document is likely to cost around £85. You will likely find overseas translators to be cheaper.

Total cost: £0-300+

FLR M visa uk DIY Application pack

dependant childrenHIDDEN COST #4

Applying dependant children’s applications

Some partners may be surprised to hear that the Home Office fee, Immigration Health Surcharge and other optional additional services (such as the super-priority and document scanning service) will also need to be paid for each applying dependant children’s applications.

Please note the use of the words ‘applying’.

Children who are British citizens or who already have Indefinite Leave to Remain, Permanent Residency under EU law or Settled status will not need to apply for any UK visas and will therefore not result in additional fees having to be paid.


visa extension language test


English Language Test Costs

As we discuss in our comprehensive FLR(M) visa 2024 guidance, there are several ways to meet the English language requirement.

Therefore, depending on the route that you rely on, you may not have to spend any additional money to meet the English language requirement.

First of all, nationals of English-speaking countries will not need to incur any extra costs. This is because, to meet the English language requirement, all they will need to do is to submit their passport.

However, most people will have to sit an English language test at A2 level.

Taking the IELTS Life Skills test will cost £150.

Taking it at Trinity College London will also cost £150.

Applicants will be charged £150 per attempt.

Therefore, if the applicant does not pass the test the first time around, they will, unfortunately, have to spend more money to retake it (at the cost of £150 each time).

If you want to save money and the applicant’s English is good enough, the applicant may consider submitting the B1 test.

This is because the same English language certificate will normally be able to be relied on in subsequent applications, including the Indefinite Leave to Remain application – as long as each application is submitted in time.

higher level english language test

Total cost: £0-150+

premium visa services


The super-priority service and other optional services

What is the super-priority service?

The super-priority service reduces the expected processing time from 6-8 weeks to one working day.

How much does the super-priority service cost?

The super-priority service for FLR(M) applications cost an additional £1,000 per applicant.

When is the super-priority service fee paid?

The super-priority service can only be purchased on the FLR(M) application form payment page.

Therefore, if you do not see the super-priority service being available alongside the standard application option (which will list a fee of £1,048), if the applicant’s visa expiry date permits, you may decide to check back at a later time.

Super-priority service appointments are released daily around 1AM UK time.

Should we pay for the super-priority service because the applicant’s visa (or leave) is expiring soon?

If the applicant’s current visa is expiring soon, it does not mean that you will have to pay for a priority service to ensure that the application is granted before the expiration of the current visa.

When applicants submit the FLR(M) application whilst having a valid visa (or leave), the effect of Section 3C leave is that the current visa will be automatically extended with the same conditions as the current visa up until a decision is made (or until the application is withdrawn).

For example, if an applicant is in the UK on a Skilled worker visa and submits an FLR(M) application one day before the visa expires, their visa will be automatically extended until a decision has been made on the Skilled worker visa – regardless of how long the processing of that visa takes. The effect of this is that the applicant will still be able to work whilst waiting for the application to be decided.

What are the other optional services?

#1 The document scanning service.

Partners who do not want to submit their documents by self-uploading them will need to pay an additional £56 fee (per applicant) for a document scanning service.

The document scanning service, in summary, involves the following:

  • After paying the Home Office fees on the spouse visa UK online application form website for 2024, an appointment will be booked at a local UK visa centre;
  • The applicant (& any dependent children applying) will attend the appointment at a UK centre with the supporting documents;
  • The applicant will then hand over the supporting documents and the UKVCAS staff will scan these documents (which, other than the applicant’s passport, can be copies). All of the documentation will be returned once they have been scanned.

If you purchase the premium lounge, VIP or Mobile pop-up service, the document scanning service is included in the appointment cost.

This fee can be avoided by choosing to self-upload the supporting documentation (which is what we generally recommend).

#2 Document checking service. 

This optional service costs £49 per applicant and involves UKVCAS checking that the documents meet the “UKVI quality standards”.

Please note that this service, contrary to what some partners may assume, does not involve checking whether the supporting documents satisfy the Immigration Rules.

#3 “Proof of attendance” service. 

This optional service costs £2 per appointment and involves UKVCAS providing a document that confirms all applicants attended their UKVCAS appointment.

#4 “Meet and greet plus” service. 

This service, which is available at a limited number of visa centres, costs an additional £289.

It involves UKVCAS:

  • helping you with booking an appointment;
  • sending a member of staff to meet you at the visa centre;
  • guiding you through the appointment.

Purchasing this service also includes the document scanning, document checking and SMS text services.

#5 SMS service.

This optional service costs £2 per appointment and promises to keep you up to date with important information about your application via text message.

The texts will:

  • confirm your appointment details;
  • provide you with information on the next steps;
  • Send a reminder the day before your appointment;
  • confirm the successful submission of your supporting information to the Home Office.

#6 The “Bespoke VIP service”. 

This price for this service will vary based on the visa centre and the number of applicants. You must therefore make an inquiry to receive a quote.

This service involves UKVCAS providing you with “your own personal VIP client manager with a dedicated phone number and direct email”.


immigration lawyer feesHIDDEN COST #7

Spouse Visa Extension Lawyer Fees

Lawyer fees for your FLR(M) application are an optional cost.

We charge £2,250 for full legal representation – our most comprehensive service.

This service is offered by our head of practice, Ed Lowe, who has worked in the Home Office for 20+ years. Ed is assisted by Matthew French and Wendy Foy (both of whom also worked in the Home Office for many years).

This bespoke service is tailored to your specific needs and situation and involves us managing your application from beginning to end.

Those who would rather submit the application themselves but have additional assistance with their application may be interested in our unique £435 DIY Application Pack Service.

In any event, we are always happy to help, whether you choose to purchase our services or not.

This is why we’ve put together plenty of free guides of which you can find here:

Total cost: £435-£3,000+

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